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Date:2018-01-03 22:51:59
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2: Kreator - Gods of Violence (GER / Thrash metal)
Most likely my most listened to album of the year. Kreator is unrelenting with their brand teutonic thrash, and once you get past the unwillingly funny "Satan is real" chorus (otherwise great track), you can break your neck headbanging to this monster. For most thrash bands this could be a magnus opus, for Kreator and Mille, it's just a great day at the office.
Satan is Real
Might still be my #1. I disagree that it's just another day at the office for Kreator. IMO it's one of their strongest efforts to date. But yeah, the chorus for Satan is Real, yikes.
4: Archspire - Relentless Mutation (CAN / Death metal)
Smack you in the face ├╝bertechnical death metal. Their best since the debut, and the first time I heard it, I felt I was being punched in the stomach. It only got better over time. Excellent.
Remote Tumour Seeker:
I honestly couldn't tell the difference from the last one. It's good, but less impactful because it just seems more of the same.
5: Sikth - Future in whose Eyes? (UK / Djenty progressive metal)
I was almost anxious before I heard this album, as Death of a Dead Day is one of the most stylesetting and innovative albums ever. I feared they would fall flat, but fortunately they delivered a great album that's almost as good, and stays true to their unique style.
I like it ok, but it seems more like a Sikth clone than the actual band at this point. They've lost a lot of their edge, IMO.
11: Leprous - Malina (NOR / Prog. metal)
From the Flame is probably the best song of the year. Leprous at their best, and nobody holds a candle to the masters of neo-prog when this is the standard. Oddly, I am not enjoying Malina as much as I have earlier releases. Something is missing, whether it be because ├śystein Landsverks absence, or if I'm just not huge on the current direction with an extreme usage of their staccato riffs remains unknown to me. With that said, Leprous, on their worst of days, is still far above most bands in the genre on their best of days, and Malina is another testament to that statement.
From the Flame:
Might be their weakest output yet for me. But it's still good. I'm one of the few that thought The Congregation was one of their best, so I'm pulling a John Frank Random Crazyass I guess.
12: Myrkur - Mareridt (DK / Folk-Black metal)
With Mareridt, Myrkur further establishes what makes her unique: Atmospheric black metal with choirs and heavy influences from folklore. She has a knack for paitning sonic landscape pictures that depicts the Danish nature with flat heaths and meadows as opposed to forests and mountains. The black metal elements are put a bit on the back burner on Mareridt, which suits the music well, and it is so damn well done.
I liked her debut when it came out but honestly have totally forgotten it. I'll check this when I get a chance.
13: Thantifaxath - Void Masquerading As Matter (CAN / Black Metal)
The weird as fuck Canadians are back with their unique brand of black metal on a new EP. Psychedelic black metal with abstract compositions making nods to classical music in certain passages. Thantifaxath should be experienced, not described, as that is almost impossible.
Ocean of Screaming Spheres:
Oooh, Thantifaxath have a new one? Sacred White Noise was really great. Listening to this now and enjoying it.
Overkill - The Grinding Wheel
I must be one of the few that really enjoyed this one, although I admit my first listen didn't go well due to the inane lyrics. You kind of have to ignore the lyrics with Overkill at this point, I guess.

Did you listen to the Drottnar EP? Seems like it should be at least an honorable mention based on the rest of your list. Also for weirdo black metal, the Howls of Ebb / Khthoniik Cerviiks split is pretty fantastic.

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