Date:2018-01-03 17:48:35
In Reply To:My 2017 Concert Activity by DaveG
DaveG proclaimed:
This actually might have been my best concert year ever.
I certainly agree:

I've decided to abandon festivals entirely and focus on traveling to see either bucket list shows or bands that I am currently really into and are at their peak right now.
Festivals actually made my year - last few years, really - when it comes to bucket list shit: Up the Hammers, Defenders of the Old, Wings of Metal, and Hammer of Doom were amazing.
- Voivod - October 5, Belgrade, Serbia
Saw them at Wings of Metal in Montreal, also with Sacrifice, Pagan Altar, and Diamond Head.

Helloween - December 14, Sofia, Bulgaria
This is coming to NY in September, unless I end up hitting Wacken or something like that.

- Mayhem ("De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" in its entirety) - April 10, Belgrade, Serbia
I caught this twice in New York this year, in a small club and a large venue, boss both times.
Ross the Boss (classic Manowar set) - May 29, Belgrade, Serbia
He headlined Friday night, the 26th, at Up the Hammers in Athens. New singer wasn't as good, but at least we were lucky to see Rhino in action\,,/
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