Re: My top 25 for 2017

Date:2018-01-03 15:06:32
In Reply To:My top 25 for 2017 by BumZen
I didn't hear quite a lot of the record you list. I think I did less listening in 2017 that wasn't stuff I had strong reason to believe I would like.

I did hear these:
2: Kreator - Gods of Violence (GER / Thrash metal)
Very good for what it is, but thrash isn't my thing, so I didn't listen to it very often.
11: Leprous - Malina (NOR / Prog. metal)
I really don't get this band. It sounds cold and dull to me.
14: Eclipse - Monumentum (SWE / Melodic Hard Rock/Metal)
Very good, but a bit disappointing compared to the songs Erik wrote for Nordic Union.
Ten - Gothica
I hated this one. It sucked everything good out of Ten. They aren't a dark band, so why were they trying to write about dark subjects?
Soen - Lykaia
My favorite of the year, easily.
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