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Date:2018-01-03 10:30:31
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2: Kreator - Gods of Violence (GER / Thrash metal)
Most likely my most listened to album of the year. Kreator is unrelenting with their brand teutonic thrash, and once you get past the unwillingly funny "Satan is real" chorus (otherwise great track), you can break your neck headbanging to this monster. For most thrash bands this could be a magnus opus, for Kreator and Mille, it's just a great day at the office.
Satan is Real
One of my fave Kreator albums ever.

4: Archspire - Relentless Mutation (CAN / Death metal)
Smack you in the face ├╝bertechnical death metal. Their best since the debut, and the first time I heard it, I felt I was being punched in the stomach. It only got better over time. Excellent.
Remote Tumour Seeker:
One of the best tech death metal albums last year for sure.

8: Voyager - Ghost Mile (AUS / Prog. metal)
Not as good as V, but still fantastic, and thankfully still in their own style. They do the mix of 80's synth pop and metal so perfectly and seemingly effortless, that I can't help but wonder if there's talk of a symbiosis in their minds. Great album.
Love it. Vocal melodies like pouring candy down your earholes.

11: Leprous - Malina (NOR / Prog. metal)
From the Flame is probably the best song of the year. Leprous at their best, and nobody holds a candle to the masters of neo-prog when this is the standard. Oddly, I am not enjoying Malina as much as I have earlier releases. Something is missing, whether it be because ├śystein Landsverks absence, or if I'm just not huge on the current direction with an extreme usage of their staccato riffs remains unknown to me. With that said, Leprous, on their worst of days, is still far above most bands in the genre on their best of days, and Malina is another testament to that statement.
From the Flame:
I remember quite liking this album when released but it fizzled out for me in the end.

14: Eclipse - Monumentum (SWE / Melodic Hard Rock/Metal)
If you know and like Eclipse, this is no surprise. Contagious hard rock melodies that makes no excuses for what they are. Not as good as Armageddonize, but damn good in its own right.
Never look back:
Absolutely killer melodic hard rock. Not their best but still amazing.

21: Need - Hegaimas: a Song for Freedom (GRE / Prog. metal)
At first listen, this blew me away. Fantastic vocals and intricate compositions made for a wonderful coctail of music. It didn't grow on me as much as I'd hoped, but it's still a fantastic progressive metal album.
First time I liked this band. Very interesting effort. Heavy and brooding but with a lot of melody.

24: Theory - The Art of Evil (DK / Prog. metal)
One of the best pure progressive metal albums of the year, and a great debut. Niklas Sonne from Defecto sings on this one, and his voice could not be more suited than here (a shame he is already gone). Classic prog ala Dream Theater and you will most likely find no surprises musically. Just very well made.
The Art of Evil:
I liked it too.
One Desire - s/t
Great hard hitting AOR newcomers.
Ten - Gothica
Gary's melodies are always epic and interesting.
Secret Sphere - The nature of time
Love Luppi's voice.
Rage - Seasons of the black
Much better than the previous album but I soon forgot about this.
Overkill - The Grinding Wheel
I enjoyed this. Overkill is hit and miss for me. ironbound is my fave Overkill album but this is good too.
Labyrinth - Architecture of a god
Pyramaze - Contingent
Like both of these to varying degrees.
Harlott - extinction
Absolutely killer IMO.
Suffocation - ... of the dark light
Suffos are hit and miss for me but this is a hit.
Unleash the Archers - Apex
Very good indeed. Love her vocals.
Beast in Black - Berserker
Cheesy and fun and catchy as a bad rash. But where's Battle Beast in your list? :-)

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