Re: It means there's too much music out there. (Agreed)

Date:2017-12-30 21:18:28
In Reply To:Re: It means there's too much music out there. (Agreed) by Clint-metalcdratings
Way too much music out there... so much, that I'm now so overwhelmed keeping up with new releases from bands that I already have that I've had to stop looking into new bands.
I've stopped feeling bad about missing out on stuff. I listen to as much as I can of what sounds interesting (for good and bad) to me, fully aware that there are probably great records that will slip through the cracks, simply because of the time crunch. I'm not about to dedicate all of my time to nothing but listening to new albums.

It's been interesting to have taken off the last two weeks without really listening to anything new at all. Not that I'm planning to slow down, but that the regret can be overcome.
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