Re: My Favorite Albums of 2017 in No Particular Order

Author:The Surfing Alien
Date:2017-12-29 02:00:02
In Reply To:My Favorite Albums of 2017 in No Particular Order by DaveG
Caligula’s Horse - In Contact
I really like their style but their songwriting is not very good. Just not enough catchy songs like Dark Hair Down. It's too bad because they are really tops instrumentally/vocally. That jazzy soloing is the best in prog right now.

Mastodon - Emperor of Sand
I like what I am hearing here. Not familiar with their previous material, so I guess I'll work my way back.

Leprous - Malina
It's pretty awesome. I do like it more than Congregation. If they continue at this pace, they will have one hell of a Best Of album one of these days.
Sorcerer - The Crowning of the Fire King
Finally Andy Engberg gets some great material to sing. I think he is quite possible the best and most underused Euro metal singer of recent years.
This is much better than the previous album. really great stuff. Best of genre easily.
Threshold - Legend of the Shires
Talk about underused singers! it's a shame Glyn Morgan has not recorded anything for so long before this. Hugely impressed with him here . Great great songs too. Might be my favorite Threshold album , just so nice to listen to.
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