Album Art

Date:2017-12-28 20:23:45
I was thinking about the various ways of sorting through the music we listen to, and something struck me. While I can list my favorite albums, and my favorite songs, I don't really think I can list my favorite album art, since I find most of it to be worthless.

This year, I liked the cover of Soen's "Lykaia", but there were few other images I felt made any sort of impact. They were either truly awful, or mostly forgettable. To have an image that was both lasting, and artistic, is pretty rare.

A couple years before, I was quite fond of Baroness' "Purple". Actually, stoner and sludge bands tend to have some of the best art out there, which is a shame, because I don't like that kind of music at all.

So what recent albums have had really great art that will stand up over the course of time? I'm struggling to come up with much.
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