Re: My Favorite Albums of 2017 in No Particular Order

Date:2017-12-28 14:16:42
In Reply To:My Favorite Albums of 2017 in No Particular Order by DaveG
Dodecahedron – Kwintessens

Anyone who calls these guys a Deathspell Omega clone obviously hasn’t listened to more than 2 minutes of their albums. I love how sharp their production is and how they use studio tricks to intensify their sound and the overall experience. Incredibly intense album that leaves you completely drained and enthralled when it ends.
I listened to the first one, it was okay. They may not be a clone but they are heavily indebted to DsO.
Enslaved - E

Probably my favorite album of the year. After easing their prog rock tendencies in slowly for over a decade, with the addition of new singer/keyboardist Hakon Vinje (of Seven Impale fame) Enslaved have taken their most substantial plunge into prog rock waters and managed to maintain their black metal essence and intensity.
Great album!
Pretty much the exact opposite of the snooze prog of Opeth.
I believe the explanation is simple. It is - Ivar loves prog, but he is not naive enough to think that he is a "prog rock musician." He is a metal musician that intelligently incorporates his love of prog. Mikael was once this wise, but now lives in the delusion that he is Andy Latimer or Dave Cousins.
Locust Leaves - A Subtler Kind of Light

Weirdo Greek outsider metal art that isn’t easily described or categorized. Influenced by a wide range of obscure metal cornerstones, from early Watchtower to Mayhem.
Gonna look this up!
Leprous - Malina

It’s hard to believe that these guys keep getting better. “Malina” sees them injecting more melody and emotion into their precise math prog making it quite possibly the best and most complete album of the band’s career.
My second favorite Leprous album. Bilateral is still my favorite.

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