Re: My Favorite Albums of 2017 in No Particular Order

Author:Chris F5
Date:2017-12-28 00:01:49
In Reply To:My Favorite Albums of 2017 in No Particular Order by DaveG
Finally heard the Enslaved in its entirety...have to agree that this is their the Opeth comparison.

Godflesh-had no idea theyou were still around favorite from them..In a weird way,they almost remind me of Grace Under Pressure Rush in that they are one of the few bands that use guitar dissonance in a melodic way,but adding their own minimalistic atmospheric prog style to it...they are heading in a direction that I can't wait to hear next.

Toehider-this reminds me to grab their disks because other than the YouTube clips and his parts on the Ayreon disk I have not heard his band

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