SAXON/UFO in Toronto earlier this week

Date:2017-10-07 08:54:16
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On Tuesday night Rob K and I went to see the Saxon/UFO show in Toronto at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. It was my first time seeing Saxon since Rob and I went to see them six years, and it was my first time ever seeing UFO.

Saxon were excellent again. That was my fourth time seeing them and every show has been great. Biff messed up during 'The Power and Glory' and had a laugh with the guitarist about it - good to see they still enjoy themselves. I was a little bit bummed that they didn't play Dallas 1 PM, but I have seen them play it twice previously.

UFO really surprised me. First, at how old Phil Mogg and Paul Raymond look. Raymond in particular looks really frail, but still played well. Phill Mogg now looks just like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers films. It took Mogg about four songs to find himself, but when he did his voice was really impressive. Their versions of "Love To Love" and 'Rock Bottom" were ace. I was very skeptical about how Vinnie Moore would fill Schenker's role in the band, especially as I really disliked a number of their early 2000s albums, but his playing was really excellent.

This show was well worth going to work on four hours sleep the next day
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