I don't think you people understand the definition of "historical significance".

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2017-10-07 06:28:46
In Reply To:Bands founded in 2000 and beyond that have any historical significance whatsoever. by Troll's Hole
Historical significance means, obviously: a band whose work is enjoyed somewhat significantly by Troll's Hole AND that is somewhat unique.

The definition of somewhat significantly is: multiple, but not necessarily all, songs made by the artist. At least 5.

Somewhat unique: Not the exact same fucking genre and culture that bands have given us the last 30 years.

Duh. Are you people fucking stupid? Go to dictionary.com every now and then people. Or go to school and git educated.

So the correct answer was Ghost. Congratulations Michael Blevins. You win free lifetime bragging rights. You may be snobby and condescending to people for understanding the world better than most.

You're all going to argue that they aren't historical significant now and give a bunch of dumb reasons why now. You're wrong and I won't listen.

The correct answer was definitely not fucking Mars Volta! What an awful, terrible band. Historically significant for sucking ass maybe, but that doesn't qualify. Matt Johnsen, SHAME on you. SHAME!

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