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Author:Michael Blevins
Date:2017-10-06 11:38:48
Edited:2017-10-06 11:49:37
In Reply To:PMX:2 Thorsday Soundoff by MitchG
Iris Divine - The Static and the Noise:

Another excellent release from these guys. The style is very similar to the first album, although it's a little more prog and a little less straightforward.

Jag Panzer - The Deviant Chord:

Still like it, though Matt Johnsen of Pharaoh (tm) is right - it's very much in the older style.

Caligula's Horse - Bloom:

Djent begins to mature into something listenable - in a big way in these guys' case. Excellent prog metal that's actually prog metal instead of just calling itself that.

Leprous - Malina:

Now this is a prog band. I like this one a lot better than the last.

I had the iPod set to ranomize albums this week. The results were interesting:

Exodus - Blood In, Blood Out:

Still solid. Still not as interesting as its predecessor, flaws and all.

Marillion - Clutching at Straws:

Hadn't heard this for a while. Still brilliant.

Titan Force - Winner Loser:

I still enjoy this disc. Quality melodic/US Power metal.

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