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Date:2017-10-06 10:55:53
In Reply To:Re: Nineties Metal by The Surfing Alien

Interesting list. I don't know most of these , but to me the John Norum album seems out of place in this company. I am curious as to what makes it so special to be included . why didn't other great hard rock albums like Extreme - Pornograffitti make the list?
I guess you're right - it is a little out of place. Honestly, I should have added Talisman's 'Genesis,' the first Masquerade record, a couple of TNT records, etc. I love that Norum record so much, though. Writing is spectacular and it's one of my favorite Glenn Hughes performances.

Never really listened to Extreme. There are probably a lot of other hard rock albums from that era that I would like, but I'm just ignorant of them.


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