Re: Nineties Metal

Date:2017-10-04 16:09:06
Edited:2017-10-04 16:19:29
In Reply To:Nineties Metal by Loudblast
I don't have much love for the 90s, in terms of metal. I didn't come around to listening to that sort of music until the early part of the 00s, and what I did know of the decade at the time was what was in the mainstream. And hearing things like Pantera and Korn weren't going to win me over. (Pantera is one of the bands I hate the most. Dime's guitar tone was complete ass, and Phil's incessant "bro-ness" ruined metal in ways still being felt today.)

The only albums that immediately jump to mind from that decade are Bruce Dickinson's "Accident Of Birth" and "The Chemical Wedding", plus Swano's "Moontower" and Trouble's self-titled. Those are stone-cold classics. I can't really say that about much else from the 90s. I'm sure there are more in there I would like, but it's too much music to look backwards and sort through, all while keeping up with today.
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