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Date:2017-10-01 10:52:43
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Death / Scream Bloody Gore

Yeah, 89 is the best year in metal for me. Sabbat was not a big thing at all. The only other person in this community who really digs this album is Claus. Others think it is fine, but I am a weirdo for liking it as much as I do.
You probably like it more than me, but I love it too. Wonderfully weird and speedy. I listened to the whole thing with my kid as part of my quest to make him used to metal. "Then crush neath an iron hand" is one of the best moments in metal ;-)
Others from 1991 are below. The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth is the standout. I heard it back in the day, but I did not dig it immediately. Now, of course, it is an all-time favorite, and it would be #2 behind only Mordred.

Skyclad / The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth
Funny thing about this album is that I like it less and less for each time I hear it. It always leave me surprised that I did not enjoy it. Oh well, we all change.
1992 (* = released in 1991, but received in 1992)
Anything you would change here? Also, what a boring year, compared to previous years.
Yeah, this list is depressing except for Thought Industry and Carcass (the only two titles on my list of all-time faves), and Swamp Terrorists, which is not even a 92 release.
No love for Images & Words anymore? Would easily top the list for me. But I never cared as much for early Carcass as many others did, nor do I find Thought Industry to be a good listen, while I respect their unique style.

1993 (* = released in 1992, but received in 1993)

1 / Cynic / Focus
4 / Death / Individual Thought Patterns
16 / Sepultura / Chaos A.D.
17 / Believer / Dimensions
18 / Sacrifice / Apocalypse Inside
*19 / Sadus / A Vision of Misery
Wow... metal died fast. Some good albums, but short on classics.
Yeah, the top of this list is excellent, but it fades drastically after #9.
Meh... Death and Cynic are the only fantastic albums there, even though I do like the Atheist (weirdness and all), Sepultura and Believer albums a lot.
1994 (* = released in 1993, but received in 1994)

1 / Carcass / Heartwork
2 / Machine Head / Burn My Eyes
3 / Pantera / Far beyond Driven
4 / Die Monster Die / Withdrawal Method
5 / Testament / Low
6 / Stabbing Westward / Ungod
7 / Nine Inch Nails / The Downward Spiral
8 / Offspring / Smash
*9 / My Dying Bride / Turn Loose the Swans
10 / Bad Religion / Stranger Than Fiction
11 / Live - Throwing Copper
*12 / Radiohead / Pablo Honey
13 / Slayer / Divine Intervention
14 / Skrew / Dusted
15 / Arcwelder / Xerxes
*16 / Smashing Pumpkins / Siamese Dream
17 / The Organization / s/t
18 / Sugar / File Under: Easy Listening
19 / Fates Warning / Inside Out
I'm very excited to see Smash on here. Other than that, what a weak list. Not sure if it's your fault or the state of music :-)
Yeah, I could not find much new metal at this point, so I tried to slake my thirst for new tunes by delving into alternative rock. It was a dark time in my life. :-) Of the few metal releases, only Carcass and Testament are all-time faves. Unholy Satan, does this list suck ass. So damn sad.

Other titles I would add are below. Nothing monumental, though obviously the In Flames debut is important.

Arcane / Ambiguity EP
At the Gates / Terminal Spirit Disease
Desultory / Bitterness
Dissonance / Look to Forget
Forte / Division
Gorement / The Ending Quest
In Flames / Lunar Strain
Narcotic Greed / Fatal
Queensryche / Promised Land (just the three songs I like)
Skeptic Sense / Presence of Mind
Unanimated / Ancient God of Evil
And here I was thinking 2017 was a bit dissapointing. Good to get some perspective.
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