Date:2017-09-29 10:19:03
In Reply To:Re: PMX:2 Thorsday Soundoff by The Surfing Alien
The Surfing Alien proclaimed:
Scorpions – Fly to the Rainbow
I finally saw them live recently, at MSG. So anti climactic. Meine didnt really sing :( just semi talked over the music. it was all a bit too sterile. they did do a nice 70s medley of Top of the Bill / Steamrock Fever / Speedy's Coming / Catch Your Train. Uli Roth does it way better these days though . He still shreds and gets young studs to scream the songs the way they should be.
Oh well.. one off the list.
I was there. We were highly lit and had an excellent time. Since it wasn't sold out we waltzed into whatever sections we wanted:)
I haven't seen them since Moscow Peace Fest 1989, so now, nearly 30 years later (oh, what???), this was, of course, not quite the band that I saw then, but I still enjoyed the evening. The medley was the highlight for me, of course:) Rudy Schenker was my MVP, my other highlight. Was interesting to see them with Mikkey Dee, also. Megadeth were pretty good on this occasion, too.
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