Date:2017-09-23 14:17:23
In Reply To:Re: Boss Forsberg RIP 9/14 by Matt Johnsen
Matt Johnsen proclaimed:
Borje Forsberg, one-time head executive for Tyfon, EMI Sweden, and Black Mark, and producer of all Bathory albums, who, according to his son Quorthon's repeated assertions, was in no way his father, died last week. In a true Forsberg fashion his death was not announced til a week later.
So there's the end to the story of Bathory and Black Mark.
Maybe now some greedy heirs will finally license out all the great BM back catalog stuff that Boss let fall out of print over the years.

I know there are two more Forsberg siblings - Quorthon's younger sister and brother, both of whom were involved in Black Mark. It was indeed a family affair - I'm sure Boss had made sure the Forsberg clan will be taken care of. So, yeah, "Villa Hammerheart" (aka the Forsberg farmhouse:), about those re-issues:)
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