Re: Recent/Upcoming Stuff (That I actually like!)

Date:2017-09-11 23:03:51
In Reply To:Re: Recent/Upcoming Stuff (That I actually like!) by Kevin Madden

Serious Black - Magic

I was a bit worried that they were putting out a concept album just a year after "Mirrorworld", but it was mostly for naught. While I don't care for the story at all, the music is quality power metal. I don't like it as much as the previous one, but it's still really good stuff. "Skeletons On Parade" and "The Witch Of Caldwell Town" are up there with Urban's best melodies.
I dunno. I find it to be a bit too light in the loafers for my tastes. I went back and listened to all the Tad Morose releases with Urban on the mic and yep, they still rule. But his voice was different - less sweet, if that's the right word.
I've noticed that too. He definitely sings with less volume and aggression than he used to. I'm not sure why it is, but there are moments where it's obvious he isn't pushing himself the way he would have a few years back.
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