Re: Recent/Upcoming Stuff (That I actually like!)

Date:2017-09-11 14:25:47
In Reply To:Recent/Upcoming Stuff (That I actually like!) by Nosferatwo

Nocturnal Rites - Phoenix

Now this is what I've been looking for. After ten years, Nocturnal Rites picked up right where they left off, which I'm sure will disappoint their older fans. I love this more modern sound. It's heavy, the guitar solos are awesome, and Johnny brings the hooks. Damn is this thing catchy. One bad track, but other than that this is about as good an album as there's been this year.
About to give it my undivided.

Serious Black - Magic

I was a bit worried that they were putting out a concept album just a year after "Mirrorworld", but it was mostly for naught. While I don't care for the story at all, the music is quality power metal. I don't like it as much as the previous one, but it's still really good stuff. "Skeletons On Parade" and "The Witch Of Caldwell Town" are up there with Urban's best melodies.
Love it probably more than you.

Skarlett Riot - Regenerate

This doesn't come out until October, but here's the first single:

This song is really good, as is the entire album. It's on the line between rock and metal, which makes it more than heavy enough, but not so much it can't be melodic. It's catchy without being too much pop. Actually, the song linked is one of the less melodic numbers. Most of the album is even better than that. It should factor in on my end of the year list.
I saw this band live last year. Wasn't impressed but this song is decent. Hope the rest of the album is better though or it'll be a no from me.

I'm also hopeful that the Sons Of Apollo record will be good. I like the one song they've put out quite a bit.
Unimpressed with that song to be honest but I don't recall it that well anyway.

If you want me to be negative, I can say that even for pop, Taylor Swift's new stuff is absolute trash.
Yeah but you can only trash something that someone here might like. Trashing Taylor hardly counts on that score. Trash Leprous or something then a few might jump down your throat. hahaha!

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