Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2017-09-11 02:51:22
Edited:2017-09-11 02:54:23
In Reply To:Re: it's not irksome for me. by TW
I look forward to answering in the context of interviews, rather than here. It won't be irksome to do so; I'm rather looking foewDd to it
Looks like I have some new questions for you next time you come on my show 😊
Same question I have? WTF is foewDd? Looks like Nick's very own covfefe.

What's most likely is that it's a typo for forward. But how did this happen? The E makes sense, it's right next to the W. But how the fuck was Shift-D pressed instead of A? Eureka I got it! Mystery solved! It was not Shift-D, no, he pressed Caps instead of A, then pressed D. An understandable mistake that anyone could do, I sympathize. But then he pressed D again after having unlocked the Caps? Lak wtf is going here? It's like he noticed his mistake and made the world's poorest attempt at fixing it. 0 for effort. And where the FUCK IS THE R? This is bullshit. Fuck typos and people who can't type. They're butthurt losers who type bad to make themselves feel better when us superior typists type amazingly in their faces.

FUCKING EDIT: I JUST NOTICED THERE ARE 2 Rs MISSING! NOT JUST ONE! TWO! I'M GOING INSANE. The irony of RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRedemption having a broken R key on his keyboard is too much.

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