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Date:2017-09-10 18:00:22
In Reply To:Re: Question: by Nosferatwo

Of all the possible questions you could have about this transition, THIS is the one you chose?

I had some relevant questions, which I asked Nick personally. He answered. I don't feel like a narcissistic douchebag afterwards.
Yes, since the decision itself is fully Nick's to make.

Let me get this straight. I ask a general question about the PR strategy of how it was announced, you ask Nick himself to answer your questions about the move, and yet I'm the 'narcissistic douchebag'?
Yes, Yes you are.

Your question was ""How do I turn this data into some publicity that I Control over others exclusiviely?"
My question was - "Hey, there's a new guy. What's the deal with the other guy"
Does it really piss some of you off that I don't like as much music each year as you do? Good grief.
Mutually exclusive points.
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