Re: PP 19 Roster

Date:2017-09-10 17:28:59
In Reply To:PP 19 Roster by Cheiron
Labyrinth: I need to re-visit them.
So you're saying you need to return to Return to Heaven Denied? Hehheh

This is kind of a ridiculous lineup for me. I don't like every band, but I am familiar with 11/12 Night 3 and 4 bands, which is a personal record by a factor of about 3, and I'm familiar with all but Cellar Darling from Nights 1 and 2.

Generally, I'll be skipping the cheese on days 1 and 2, and I'll be worshipping Voyager, Angra, Labyrinth, Soen, Persefone, and Triosphere. I will also enjoy the hell out of Redemption, Cellar Darling, VUUR, Tarja, and Manimal (and probably Alestorm--I still enjoy some cheese.)

It's gonna be hard to eat given this schedule so I'm thinking I might switch to a liquid diet, though they're going to have to do better than Terrapin Recreation Ale. That stuff stopped warming the taste buds on the 3rd day and started to taste like bland barley-soaked hopwater. If they want to keep the ABV a little light, Hash by Sweetwater is a vastly superior session IPA.

BTW, I'm sorry I missed you this year. I blame myself--I spent less time in the venue and party than in any prior years.
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