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Date:2017-09-10 10:59:24
Edited:2017-09-10 11:18:12
In Reply To:(Partial?) answers to questions and comments... by nvandyk
On that note, re: Nosferatwo's second comment, we waited specifically for Progpower because the band has a long history with the festival and we thought this was a nice way to "give back" and provide a "scoop" to those in attendance. I will also cop to enjoying being in the crowd for the spontaneous reaction to the reveal, which was fantastic. I believe Tom enjoyed it as well. After all, he's following a pretty remarkable vocalist in Ray and it was good to hear first-hand that the audience was first saddened by the news and then elated by it.

There will, of course, be a proper press release which has been worked out in advance and should drop tomorrow. I don't believe this choreography will diminish the impact of the announcement. Those who are in the Progpower circle (including by association this website, among others, I presume) got the news first; those who learn of this type of thing through more traditional metal news sites will learn about it 48 hours later, give or take.
My concern was that as quickly as information moves around, the news got out immediately, and with no statement coming out at roughly the same time to coincide, it was hard to tell if it was true or just rumor spreading (until I saw the people who were there post about it). I've been having one particular long-running PR headache, so I'm probably a bit over-sensitive to what I see as being sub-optimal.
Which segues to the next point, addressing Nos' first concern.
I like your band, so I'll definitely be giving it every chance. I'm sure for a lot of people, Tom is one of their favorites. I've just never been an Evergrey fan (barring "Torn" for some reason), so the news was more simply news, rather than exciting news.
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