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Date:2017-09-10 10:15:35
In Reply To:Redemption - New Singer by graham
Hello folks. The secret is out now. It's been hard sitting on this for the past few months, particularly once we finished recording vocals a few weeks ago, so it's good to be able to speak about it now.

On that note, re: Nosferatwo's second comment, we waited specifically for Progpower because the band has a long history with the festival and we thought this was a nice way to "give back" and provide a "scoop" to those in attendance. I will also cop to enjoying being in the crowd for the spontaneous reaction to the reveal, which was fantastic. I believe Tom enjoyed it as well. After all, he's following a pretty remarkable vocalist in Ray and it was good to hear first-hand that the audience was first saddened by the news and then elated by it.

There will, of course, be a proper press release which has been worked out in advance and should drop tomorrow. I don't believe this choreography will diminish the impact of the announcement. Those who are in the Progpower circle (including by association this website, among others, I presume) got the news first; those who learn of this type of thing through more traditional metal news sites will learn about it 48 hours later, give or take.

Re: hiring "old tired vocalists" this was a decision that was well considered over several months and numerous options were assessed, including hiring a " no name" vocalist. The demands of our music are somewhat particular and the likelihood of finding a "no name" vocalist capable of doing what we need to do at a high level is exceedingly rare. Tom brings awareness and potential new fans to the group. And his voice is anything but tired.

Which segues to the next point, addressing Nos' first concern. If you like our previous work as I believe you do (at least some of it), there will be ample opportunity to hear what we sound like with Tom. We sound less like Evergrey with Tom than we sounded like Fates Warning with Ray. Tom brought some great ideas to the mix and his creativity is definitely reflected in the music, but the melodies are different from Evergrey, and his singing is in a slightly different style as a result.

I trust Chris Poland will not mind if I share with you the contents of a text he sent me while tracking his solos:

"This music is amazing and heart breaking at times. The songs are incredible as is the playing...You know I loved Ray but this new vocalist has captured the light and dark in the lyrics and is killer. At one point he rivals Peter Gabriel's "So" period. He is really something special."

At any rate, you may find you like what you hear more than you expect to. Or not.

I've been sitting with the music long enough to dislike most of it at this point. This process nearly always happens (it did not with the last record, for whatever reason, but that's the only one). Even in the mix of that, though, I know there are six very strong songs here, two of which are as good as anything I've ever written.

I'm excited for you all to hear it.

Thanks, as always, for your interest!
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