PP 19 Roster

Date:2017-09-09 09:36:10
We proudly present our 2018 roster - please share!
Friday, DAY 3:
James Labrie (Canada)
Redemption (USA) with new vocalist, Tom Englund
Labyrinth (band) (Italy) "Return to Heaven Denied" part I in its entirety
Bloodbound (Sweden)
Persefone (Andorra)
MANIMAL (Sweden)
Saturday, DAY 4:
Tarja Turunen (Finland)
Alestorm (Multi-national)
VUUR (The Netherlands)
Soen (Sweden)
Eclipse (Sweden) *US Exclusive
Triosphere (Norway)
Dates: September 7-8, 2018
Tickets on sale October 7, 2017 at 10am ET
We proudly present our 2018 Days 1 & 2 roster:
Wednesday, DAY 1 (opener to closer):
Ross The Boss Band - Manowar set (USA)
Gloryhammer (multinational)
Nocturnal Rites - The Official Site (Sweden)
Voyager Australia
Thursday, DAY 2 (opener to closer)
Cellar Darling (Switzerland)
Kingcrow (Italy)
Dream Evil official (Sweden)
Angra - 25th Anniversary "fans pick the set list" Show (Brazil)
Dates: September 5-6, 2018
Tickets on sale in November 2017


Now, how I feel:

James LaBrie: I think I liked one of his solo albums, but I doubt I've listened to anything of his solo works more than once.

Redemption: I'm not the biggest Evergrey fan, but I'm curious what will come out of this. Looking forward to it.

Labyrinth: I need to re-visit them.

Bloodbound: Well, the lady likes this band a lot. I like Nosferatu, but haven't listened to them much.

Persefone: Listened to Aathma not long ago, but I didn't get the hype. Guess I have to do my homework.

Manimal: Never listened.


Tarja: I haven't listened to her solo music that much, but I recall at least enjoying one of her recent albums.

Alestorm: Terrible. I like my fair share of cheese, but I don't care for this band.

VUUR: More Anneke, great. Most overly worshiped female vocalist. An invite based on reputation/draw, more than this band's content I'm sure.

SOEN: I'm intrigued. Need to listen more.

Eclipse: Never listened. That lyric video they showed had some of the worst lyrics I've seen "Armageddonize", who chose that for a lyric video? Didn't think they sounded too great either, but of course, I'll check them out.

Triosphere: Largely unfamiliar.


So that about sums it up. Out of the bands on the main roster, only Redemption is one I'm very familiar with, a fan of, and a regular part of my listening. So for me, at this point, this is the least attractive roster since I first started coming in 2005. But, things might change.

As for the opening days, I love Voyager. I enjoyed KingCrow's first album. Gloryhammer is some cheesy fun. No interest at this point in Ross the Boss, unless people tell me otherwise. I need to re-visit Nocturnal Rites, and check out more from Cellar Darling. Dream Evil has some good stuff, but a lot of mediocre. I really dislike Angra live.

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