Re: Can we talk about Leprous - Malina now?

Date:2017-09-04 04:54:42
In Reply To:Can we talk about Leprous - Malina now? by Matt Johnsen
It's awesome. My CD just came in the mail and I don't see "Root" on the tracklist, though.

This is kind of like for Leprous what Le Infante Sauvage was for Gojira, in the sense that you're no longer going to be very surprised with what you hear from them. You're familiar with their bag of tricks and it's just a matter now of how good the songs are - and they are fantastic.

It's a much more listenable album than The Congregation. Even though I love that album, it's definitely tiring to listen to because it's just non-stop start and stop staccato riffs and hardly any melodic guitar work that isn't incredibly rigid and flowless.

They really mix it up brilliantly here. You have the staccato riff action in Illuminate and Captive, Bonneville and Malina are great moody tracks with a lot of drama, Leashes and Weight of Disaster have a vibe that reminds me of the more melodic moments of Bilateral. Leashes in particular reminds me a lot of Mb indifferentia. Huge, huge chorus.

Mirage is probably my favorite track overall, that track and Coma are a bit more experimental than the rest.

The singles are great as well, but I'm glad that the whole album didn't end up being that poppy.

Agree that I could definitely live without the last orchestral track. It's nice and all, just doesn't really have much replay value.

I lot of people are saying that it's significantly lighter and less metal, but I'm not hearing that at all. To me it's very much the same vibe and intensity that Leprous has always had, the only difference is that the guitar tone is more low-gain alt rock and less metal, that's really the only difference, and it works well with the material.

Awesome album overall. The end of the year is shaping up to be much better than the first half. Leprous, Caligula's Horse, Flesh Killer (Extol dude), Enslaved, Akercocke should all end up being choice records.
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