Re: Can we talk about Leprous - Malina now?

Date:2017-09-04 08:06:18
In Reply To:Can we talk about Leprous - Malina now? by Matt Johnsen
So, what say ye, prog metal nerds of PMX2? Can I get a hells yeah on this one? It may be Ah-ha for hipsters, but it turns out, I'm totally okay with that.
With the exception of the singles, I've only had a few days to digest it. Leprous albums normally takes longer, but my initial impressions has left me somewhat dissapointed. That doesn't mean I think it's bad, it just means I hold Leprous to an insanely high standard, and this isn't it. There are phenomenal songs on here (see below), and while the rest isn't bad it gives me a serious Mew vibe, which isn't bad in itself, except Mew did it better 10+ years ago.
Fave tracks: Bonneville, From the Flame, Illuminate, Coma
The songs I really like so far exactly. From the Flame is fantastic, and one of their best songs overall.
As for the beautiful cover art, I'll rank it a tie with Bilateral, which is otherwise (now) my second favorite Leprous album.
Bilateral is a classic for the ages. For me, it changed what prog should be today, and Leprous has since then been progressing their sound. Malina is the first time I don't think they've done anything new, which is why I'm dissapointed.

Of course, all this may change with more listens, as I still really enjoy the album, and it's probably still top 20 material of 2017 for me. I was just expecting top 1-2 based on the songs we heard prior to release.
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