Date:2017-09-01 17:43:56
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Accept - Objection Overruled + Death Row
Which one do you like more? I got them as they came out, also, so I though Objection Overruled was alright in parts, but I expected a much stronger comeback. I like(d) Death Row more, even though that surprises many, what with the "Pantera chug" creeping in.
Death Row a it more too...I also don't mind Pantera.

Incantation - Infernal Storm + Profane Nexus
Marduk - Those of the Unlight + Panzer Division Marduk
You went to the show too, didn't ya?
yup and it kicked ass. But I was shocked at how sparsely attended this show was. It was booked at the same venue as last year's tour that Marduk couldn't make but Rotting Christ did, and there were more people at the Rotting Christ show that was supposed to be headlined by Marduk than there were at this one that Marduk actually played. I saw photos from NYC and it looked like Incantation was in front of 3-4x as many people as here.

Marduk's guitarist came out on stage wearing a Boston Bruins tshirt which I thought was pretty amusing especially considering he and the rest of them were still decked out in full corpsepaint, spikes, etc. LOL. I dunno if he did that with other cities' teams or just us.
Bolt Thrower - everything. Got asked to play in a BT cover band so I'm learning a bunch of their stuff.
Wow, haha, which instrument?
Bass, so hopefully I don't get any rotting vegetables thrown at me for being a dude, heh
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