Date:2017-09-01 15:53:00
In Reply To:Re: by MitchG
MitchG proclaimed:
I had no idea! But yes! I hope they come to Philly, but if they're not going to, I'll come up to NYC for this. Not a huge fan of McAuley, or Barden, for that matter, but at a minimum, I think this probably means the setlist will skew way older. I saw Schenker a couple times in the 00s, when he was rocking his homeless Bono look, and he was okay, but hardly great.
Last time I saw Schenker (a couple of years ago) was with Doogie White...Schenker really was great. I think he's conquered the demons (for now) and is really playing well.
I saw him with White and the Scorpions rhythm section (Buchholz and Rarebell), he was good. Sure would be nice to see some deeper cuts this upcoming tour, especially Assault Attack stuff, of course.
I did see him w/ McAuley several years back; McAuley was actually much better than I expected.
That's what I heard as well.
And yeah, I was never a big Barden fan, but that material is so classic that it will be cool to see it with him singing.
I agree about the material. I liked him alright in early MSG, but his voice was very volatile even then and is shot to shit now. I saw them with Lynch Mob in 2010, and here's this guy in a hat just cat-fucking through the songs, god bless'im, and he fell flat on his ass at least twice, but I think more, while running around and "rocking out" on stage, hahaha.
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