Date:2017-09-01 10:08:46
In Reply To:Re: by Matt Johnsen
I had no idea! But yes! I hope they come to Philly, but if they're not going to, I'll come up to NYC for this. Not a huge fan of McAuley, or Barden, for that matter, but at a minimum, I think this probably means the setlist will skew way older. I saw Schenker a couple times in the 00s, when he was rocking his homeless Bono look, and he was okay, but hardly great.
Last time I saw Schenker (a couple of years ago) was with Doogie White...Schenker really was great. I think he's conquered the demons (for now) and is really playing well. I did see him w/ McAuley several years back; McAuley was actually much better than I expected. And yeah, I was never a big Barden fan, but that material is so classic that it will be cool to see it with him singing.
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