Re: PMX2 Soundoff: Thorsday

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2017-09-01 09:21:20
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Soundoff: Thorsday by Loudblast
Morbid Angel--Blessed Are The a Sick
Their last good one :)
Vicious Rumors--S/T
I know I'm in the minority, but I think this album is mostly not so great. It has some killer tunes, and Albert sounds like a million bucks, but the whole thing reeks of "major label sellout." I think they came to their senses on Welcome to the Ball, which is not just the best VR album, but one of the all-time best US power metal albums.
Rope Sect--EP
Do not know.
Edge of Sanity--The Spectral Sorrows
I still don't own anything before Purgatory Afterglow. It's one of the inexplicable holes in my formidable collection.
Abigor--Time Is the Sulphur
I need to spend some time with this band. I know very little about them, but all my cool friends like them.
Lost Horizon--Flame to the Ground Beneath
I usually have to force myself to spin this one, because my natural inclination is always to grab the debut, but every time I spin it, I remember that this one is still quite awesome.
Get with the new, man!
Which mix? I prefer the remix. This is an album that feels more important than good, though.
Do not know.

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