Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2017-09-01 09:17:40
In Reply To:Re: by von
Graham Bonnet Band – The Book
He's bringing his band to the east coast this winter. I'm medium-excited!
Are you slightly above-average excited for this, maybe?
I had no idea! But yes! I hope they come to Philly, but if they're not going to, I'll come up to NYC for this. Not a huge fan of McAuley, or Barden, for that matter, but at a minimum, I think this probably means the setlist will skew way older. I saw Schenker a couple times in the 00s, when he was rocking his homeless Bono look, and he was okay, but hardly great.
Sentenced - North from Here, Amok
Amok was when I dropped them, but older stuff, including North from Here, was pretty cool by me.
I used to really dislike Amok because of the goofy deathrock vocals, but anymore, they don't bother me at all. I like the music. I actually prefer Down, and maybe even Frozen, but after that, the band just got too wimpy for me, although every Sentenced album has at least one great tune, and they made some devastating videos in their late career. North from Here sounds like Finnish Atheist.

A happy birthday to you, sir!

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