Re: PMX2 Soundoff: Thorsday

Author:Failed Creation
Date:2017-08-31 14:24:56
In Reply To:PMX2 Soundoff: Thorsday by MitchG
This past week:

Nocturnal Rites - Afterlife

Belongs to my brother, he found it buried in a stack of CDs he has that no longer has cases or booklets. Good find though, The Sinners Cross and Devil's Child are solid!

Transatlantic - Kaleidoscope

Good slab of melodic prog, the two long tracks are really good.

Communic - Conspiracy in Mind
Communic - Waves of Visual Decay
Communic - Payment of Existence
Scariot - Strange to Numbers

Still going through Communic in anticipation of a new one. I really like all of them, so I might be biased. And that rabbit hole forced me to bring out the Scariot since Oddleif did vox on that album, also good.

Slayer - God Hates Us All

The intro/Disciple is just awesome! After that, it's a mixed bag, but this is the last Slayer release that I was really in to. Should listen to the other newer ones again soon.

Winterfell - Winter is Coming

Before there was Game of Thrones, there was this band from somewhere in Pennsylvannia. EP with four tracks, the title track is awesome and there is a 10 minute track about Lord of the Rings that I find enjoyable and listen to quite regularly. They have a full length, but I've never tracked it down.

Type O Negative - The Least Worst of
Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses

I do like me some Type O when the seasons turns, getting an early start this year, I guess. So many good ones, so many classics. Thought Dead Again was the best since October Rust, so wish we could've known where it was going after that, but alas, was not to be. I guess Kenny is in a band now called Silvertombs. Interested to hear that, but probably won't be anything like Type O, which is okay.
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