Re: PMX2 Soundoff: Thorsday

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2017-08-31 13:40:37
In Reply To:PMX2 Soundoff: Thorsday by MitchG
Graham Bonnet Band – The Book
He's bringing his band to the east coast this winter. I'm medium-excited!
Eastern High – Garden of Heathens
A good find!
Joe Jackson – Body and Soul
I really only like the first three, and really, Beat Crazy isn't too amazing. Big band Joe Jackson is not to my liking.

My list:

Capricorn - s/t, Inferno. A Grinder by any other name would thrash as mildly.

Talon - Never Look Back/Vicious Game. The second and third albums by this German combo. Last week I spun their debut, Neutralized, a couple times. Never Look Back is their best, but honestly, all three are pretty solid, especially for such a generic band.

Malpractice - Turning Tides. Not as good as the two before it, but still great. Malpractice are cool.

Leprous - Malina. Now with One (1) extra track!

Skyclad - A Burnt Offering for the Bone Idol. The was the last of the Noise-era Skyclad albums I acquired, so I'm less familiar with it than the others, but it's great. Not sure I like it more than the albums on either side, but it's a close call, at least.

Twilight Kingdom - Adze. Great album, atrocious guitar tone. Like, the worst.

Surya - Surya. French jazz-rock supergroup featuring Didier Lockwood. Sounds kinda like a lot of the late 70s Magma offshoots, like Weidorje or Benoit Widemann. Good stuff.

Messiah Force - The Last Day. The new reissue on No Remorse. The demo stuff on disc 2 is surprisingly good.

McCoy Tyner - Sama Layuca. Easily the best Tyner album I've ever heard. The first cut is an absolute monster.

Michael Schenker Group - Assault Attack. Samurai!

Lazer/Wulf - The Void that Isn't. Math metal. Not as good as their newer release.

Koen de Bruyne - Here Comes the Crazy Man! Belgian jazz rock.

Týr - Valkyrja, Ragnarok. These are the second-tier Týr albums. That's not a pun because those words are not pronounced similarly. For the record, the first tier albums are Eric the Red and Land. The third tier albums are all the others not mentioned.

Duran Duran - The Singles 81-85. I really just wanted to hear A View to a Kill, but I forced myself to listen to every god damned one of the classic-era singles. That's a lot of 12" remixes, if you're curious to know, and not much hidden gold.

Supertramp - Crime of the Century. I like Breakfast in America, so I figured I'd try another one. It's not as good, but it's still okay.

Normon Connors - Dance of Magic & Dark of Light. Two good electric jazz albums on one CD.

Sentenced - North from Here, Amok, Dead Leaves. Ripped the coffin box and listened to a few discs. I didn't actually make it all the way through Dead Leaves, but I did listen to the non-album studio cuts.

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