Re: Can we talk about Leprous - Malina now?

Date:2017-08-31 07:51:33
In Reply To:Can we talk about Leprous - Malina now? by Matt Johnsen
Personally, I think this is the band's best album by a country mile.
It's probably my #2, after Bilateral.

The reason I mention the digipromo is not (entirely!) to gloat about how long I've had the album, but to mention that the promo did not include the "bonus track" that's included on every single physical release after the track that's clearly meant to end the album, "The Last Milestone." Now, that song is the source of really my only complaint with Malina, namely that it's too long – they could have trimmed it from 7:30 to 5:00 without losing any of the impact of the tune.
I'm in favor of losing it entirely. Pretty drab cut, for me.
is obviously an album-closing track, so it's a bit disappointing that the band didn't sequence "Root," (the aforementioned bonus track) somewhere in the middle of the album. Also, this one song, while pretty damned good on its own, sounds like a leftover from The Congregation and not of a piece with the 10 songs that precede it. My point is that it would have been better to leave this off entirely, or save it for an EP or single or something.
No, no, no. I agree it's awkward placement, but the better solution was, drop Milestone. In lieu of that, swap their track placements. A separate release that I have to buy, just to acquire ONE song is never the answer. Some of us still buy this stuff!

Fave tracks: Stuck, From the Flame, Captivate,

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