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Date:2017-08-31 02:26:14
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Mitch G proclaimed:
Just sharing some stuff in the player lately. I don’t really like writing about music, but I do enjoy sharing, so I just put little blurbs and video links. Enjoy!
Excellent...I always enjoy checking out the stuff you've uncovered.
Thanks for reading Mitch! You and I definitely trod some similar music ground. I've got quite a few more to share, but I'm awfully lazy :)

Mitch G proclaimed:
Slug Comparison 'IIa'- Mastermind behind Fen’s second solo effort. More straighforward rock with some REALLY dark lyrics. I love it.
I want to like this more as I love Fen, but like his first SC album, this just doesn't click with me...seems a little underdeveloped or something.
Something about the guy just clicks with me. Killer voice, wonderful songwriting, even with more straightforward stuff like this. I do still think Fen 'Trails Out of Gloom' is my favorite of Doug's output, but I just like the cut of his jib.

Mitch G proclaimed:
Eastern High 'Garden of Heathens'- A more energetic Katatonia?
Cool stuff; I think this is the discovery of the bunch for me.
I'm two for two with this one :) I'm a sucker for these crooners, man.

Mitch G proclaimed:
One Hundred Thousand 'The Forms in Which They Appear'- Total alt-prog type stuff that I dig (honestly, pretty light on the prog). Puts me in mind of Dead Letter Circus.
I've listened to these guys before; there's promise there...I just wish the songwriting was a little more on point (so I think the Dead Letter Circus comparison is apt). Not sure if you've checked out Transience. ; I think they're a band that nails this style.
I recall getting this and Akord 'Ethereality' around the same time last year. They scratch the same itch for me, but I listened to that one a good bit more at the time. These guys have been hitting the spot lately, though.

I also remember enjoying Transience, though I don't know that it had sticking power. I'll have to revisit that one.

[quote=Mitch G]
Ramage Inc 'Earthshaker- :

I've had this one on my radar for awhile...I like the sound of this.
As much as I enjoyed 'Feel the Waves', I was pleased to hear these guys exploring some new songwriting territory.

[quote=Mitch G]
Some stuff you may find worth checking out if you haven't already:

VOLA - Inmazes
Dool - Here Now There Then
I Among You - Alien Nation
Opia - Eon
Port Noir - Any Way the Wind Carries
Poem - Skein Syndrome
I love some VOLA. That is one killer album. I also really enjoyed Opia (which I think sounds a ton like the aforementioned Dead Letter Circus), I Among You, and Poem. I haven't heard the other two, yet, so I'll be checking those shortly.

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