Re: Can we talk about Leprous - Malina now?

Date:2017-08-30 18:03:38
In Reply To:Can we talk about Leprous - Malina now? by Matt Johnsen
It's better than the Congregation, without a doubt. The best songs are better and the album is more cohesive, though not as uniform a vision as Coal.

My favorite of theirs is Coal, by a highway mile (pretty sure that's farther than a country mile, so I win, nyah.) Bilateral is a second. This is not going to challenge either of those, but time will tell.

I'm a little worn out on the staccato riffs starting off songs, which they do a couple of times here.

I don't care that it's softer. That seems to be a problem some for reviewers. I'm actually happy that it doesn't come in at full volume and so should anybody who has a problem with the loudness war.

I actually would prefer more yodeling.

I am very fond of Bonneville, Illuminate, Mirage, The Weight of Disaster.

Still, there aren't that many bands that put out 4 albums in a row of exceptional music.
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