Re: Can we talk about Leprous - Malina now?

Date:2017-08-30 14:27:48
In Reply To:Can we talk about Leprous - Malina now? by Matt Johnsen
I mean, it's been out four DAYS!
For to four
Personally, I think this is the band's best album by a country mile.
The couple tracks I've heard did not really impress me. The first preview track, whatever it was called, was cool.
So, what say ye, prog metal nerds of PMX2? Can I get a hells yeah on this one?
I don't know about that. Time will tell.
Fave tracks: Bonneville, From the Flame, Illuminate, Coma
I once drove a Bonneville!
As for the beautiful cover art, I'll rank it a tie with Bilateral, which is otherwise (now) my second favorite Leprous album.
The art is pretty sweet.

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