Sharing some stuff in the player lately...

Date:2017-08-29 14:38:51
Edited:2017-08-29 15:46:32
Just sharing some stuff in the player lately. I don’t really like writing about music, but I do enjoy sharing, so I just put little blurbs and video links. Enjoy!

Mercury X 'Between Worlds'- Second album. Reminds me of Communic.
A Journey To Eternity
Full Album

Slug Comparison 'IIa'- Mastermind behind Fen’s second solo effort. More straighforward rock with some REALLY dark lyrics. I love it.
Let some Light
Full album download

This Misery Garden 'Hyperstitious'- Reminds me of Amorphis with a dash of Breaking Benjamin
Killing My Name

Eastern High 'Garden of Heathens'- A more energetic Katatonia?
Eyes of Heaven
Garden of Heathens

The Dystopian Project 'Paradigm EP'- Male and female singer, kind of orchestral.
Ashes of Time

Fifth Density 'Dominion of the Sun'- Reminds me of Skyharbor with some Indukti thrown in.
Full album

September Mourning 'Volume II'- Still enjoying this one a lot. Evanescence mixed with Queensryche.
Eye of the Storm
Skin and Bones

Source 'Return to Nothing'- Reminds me some of Portal ‘Blood Red Tape’. Long songs, lots of cool proggy breakdowns.
Return To Nothing

One Hundred Thousand 'The Forms in Which They Appear'- Total alt-prog type stuff that I dig (honestly, pretty light on the prog). Puts me in mind of Dead Letter Circus.
Fathoms from This Place

Ramage Inc 'Earthshaker- Devin Townsend-ish. More in the general approach than execution (unlike ‘Feel the Waves’, was practically an homage to Ocean Machine)
Earth Shaker

*edited to add album titles.

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