Re: My first three albums of 2017 (x-posted)

Date:2017-08-28 13:59:08
In Reply To:My first three albums of 2017 (x-posted) by Thy Sentinel
I have finally purchased something that was released in 2017! A three CD haul!

Overkill Grinding Wheel. The album has two songs with "wheel" references. Add to that "Wheels" from ReliXIV, and titles like "Mean Green Killing Machine," and it feels like they are running out of lyrical ideas. One thing that I immediately notice is how uncharacteristically melodic this album feels. It's got some guitar and vocal harmonies that the band simply never employed before! Overall it's a pretty solid album. It's not a straight-up masterpiece that White Devil Armory was, but still pretty good and, due to the aforementioned harmonies, feels sort of fresh. My favorite song is "Come Heavy."
I almost dismissed it for the lyrics, but it grew on me. It's my #2 so far, behind Kreator. Speaking of which, where is Kreator? It's the best Kreator since Coma of Souls, IMO. And probably their most melodic outing to date.

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