Re: Blaze Bayley

Date:2017-08-25 23:26:30
In Reply To:Blaze Bayley by Kevin Madden
Anyone seeing this upcoming (starts tonight) tour?
Starts tonight? It started on Aug 09.
He's playing a hole in the wall in my town in a couple of weeks, so it wouldn't take much effort to go, but I didn't particularly care for his time in Maiden and I don't have any of his solo or previous stuff.
Opinions and mileage obviously very. Personally, I greatly enjoy both Iron Maiden albums on which he appeared, and I've found his solo discography to be consistently strong (especially the first 2 albums). This would be a must see for me if it came to my area. I'm not going to see it, since it's not coming within 900 miles of me, but I did briefly consider traveling to see it.

squarooticus proclaimed:
If we're constantly throwing around accusations of racist this and racist that instead of dispassionately analyzing the conditions that got us into this mess, we're going to spend all our time shouting at each other instead of fixing the problem.
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I've been on the floor with the Reverend Real, Casual Observer and Ldooche and didn't even get a fucking Smithfield Ham for Christmas.
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You are mind is fried
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