Of course you do. Owning one of these devices is the technological equivalent of coming out. Sad!

Author:Casual Observer
Date:2017-08-12 19:10:50
In Reply To:Alexa and Google Home are cutting edge technology for good people. I own both. by Troll's Hole
'Google, tell me I didn't waste 900 euro on the HTC Vive with its massive collection of fantastic 3D games like Tilt Brush and Accounting'
'Google, explain to me why curved TV screens are not a thing anymore'
'Google, what percentage of the media that I watch on my 4K TV was actually shot in 4K?'
'Google, put on some smooth jazz'
'Google, find me someone hairy on tinder'

nvandyk proclaimed:
Fuck off already. You really are an immense prick, you know that? Have been for years.
Genghis Grim proclaimed:
I am virgin.
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