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Date:2017-08-12 15:43:09
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Persefone - Aathmaa (techy/proggy melodic death metal)
This is one of those bands I always seem to hear about from time to time, but I don't think I've ever actually listened to them.
Sikth - Future in whose Eyes? (djent???)
Another band I always seem to hear about from time to time, but I don't think I've ever actually listened to them.
What are you waiting for?
Heh... I'm not just spending all day staring at the album cover but not listening to it... I have a lot of shit to do, and much more music to listen to than time in which to listen to it! :-)
One Desire - s/t (hard rock with a whole lot of cheese)
Knight Area - Heaven and Beyond (prog rock)
Ayreon - The Source (prog)
Once again I haven't heard the full album yet for some reason, but I definitely should, because I rate all their previous releases very highly.
Are you talking about Ayreon here? I'm slowly but surely burning out on his sound. Nothing wrong with it, it just seems that every new album is a rehash of the same thing.
I'm cool with it being a rehash as long as it's a good rehash, as it's not a style I hear all the time.
Secret Sphere - The Nature of time (power metal)
I still consider A Time Never Come and Heart & Anger among the best euro power metal albums in my collection. Then I more or less lost touch with Secret Sphere after 2005, but I should check out their more recent stuff.
Luppi on vocals has really helped! But yes, A time never come was excellent. Have you heard the re-recording with Luppi? Fantastic!
I haven't heard it yet, but I'll check it out!
Rage - Seasons of the Black (power/speed metal)
I kept up with new Rage releases pretty closely through 2010, then lost touch. But with Peavy's strong lifetime track record, this is another band whose recent material I should check out.
New lineup. It's their most aggressive album in a long time. Just as I had given up on the band, they return in full force!
I think perhaps reforming the 1988 - 1993 lineup under the Refuge banner may have refocused Peavy on the heavier side of his songwriting, heh.
Overkill - Mean Green Killing Machine (thrash)
2010's Ironbound is among the strongest records of their career... subsequent releases haven't been quite at that level, but have still been very good. I'm looking forward to seeing them again in a couple months.
Ironbound was great, but the Grinding Wheel (which is the correct title) is equally great... I think... maybe?!
Once Human - Evolution (melodic death metal)
Interesting. I just saw them live a couple weeks ago. They put on a very high energy performance, and I would definitely see them live again (and, well, it didn't hurt that their vocalist is remarkably attractive), but the music didn't seem distinctive enough that I necessarily felt I had to listen to the album. Perhaps I should check it out though.
You are correct about the music, as they are not reinventing the genre.
IMO, it's Arch Enemy done right, and I'm not a fan of Arch Enemy for some reason.
My favorite Arch Enemy is still the 3rd album (the last one with original vocalist Johan Liiva). Not that I've heard more than a couple songs from the last few. But perhaps I'll check out the Once Human disc.
Nightrage - The Venomous (melodic death metal)
I got (and enjoyed) Sweet Vengeance back in the day, largely as a result of Gus G being in the band. I got somewhat diminishing returns with the next few albums and then lost track of them. I take it this new one is good?
Yep, the first worthwhile release since the departure of Gus G in my book.
Cool, I'll check it out.
Labyrinth - Architecture of God (power metal)
I liked the one song I heard from it, and Return To Heaven Denied being one of the best albums ever made makes Labyrinth a band whose new releases I'll always at least check out. I don't know why I haven't done so yet.
Haha... Return to Heaven Denied is the only reason I keep checking out Labyrinth. I'm probably prone to forgive Labyrinth for most things because of that album. The new album won't blow you away, but it's their most enjoyable in a long time.
For me there's nothing to forgive... while Return To Heaven Denied is an all-time classic, the rest of their discography has been rather strong overall in my book. I thought 2010's A Midnight Autumn's Dream was very good, and I even quite liked their mid 00s releases which didn't necessarily go over as well with some old-time fans.
Pyramaze - Contingent (power metal)
I didn't even know they had a new one out. I've enjoyed all their previous albums, so I should check this out.
If you liked Disciples of the Sun, you'll like this one. Same new lineup, same new sound.
I'm on it!
Pallbearer - Heartless (70's style doom)
I like what I've heard from them, but I need to listen to more of their stuff.
First album of theirs that has made want to keep coming back.
I gotta check these guys out in more detail... I've only heard random songs here and there, I should check out the actual full albums.
Vintersorg - Till Fjälls Del II (folk metal with black influences)
Man... I remember picking up Cosmic Genesis back in the day and thinking it was pretty offbeat... I sorta kept up with them for the next few years during their english language phase, then lost track of them when they switched back to swedish...
Is it the language that turns you off, or the music? The Focusing Blur was amazing, but I prefer it when he sings in Swedish. But then, I understand most Swedish, so it probably makes more sense to me.
I suppose I should clarify, because the way I phrased it was somewhat misleading... nothing turned me off. While I do prefer in a general sense to listen to music with english lyrics, I didn't have any issue with Vintersorg having swedish lyrics. I simply lost track of them after The Focusing Blur because starting around 2005 I started losing track of a bunch of bands I'd been listening to, because the amount of time and attention I could focus on music started decreasing. This continued until about 2011, when my interest in music, particularly live music, re-solidified a bit. So today, the amount of music I listen to has increased from the nadir it reached around 2008, and has basically plateaued at a comfortable level. Which means I still listen to much more than the average person, but decidedly less (especially when it comes to new bands) than I did from 1996 - 2004, and absolutely less than you, John Frank, Pirage.

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