Date:2017-08-11 08:11:04
In Reply To:Re: Vader by Mark
Mark proclaimed:
I think they are overpraised. For example when I saw them with Immolation Vader had the whole venue going nuts for them, then immolation played to two rows of people with an empty room behind that. Not that Vader aren't good - they are. But the reason there isn't much excitement about them now is because their albums are a string of soundalikes. Up to Litany they were leading the way; since then they've ran on formula. Your own example evidences this - you point to a performance of old stuff as exemplary.
I think being Polish helps - all my Polish friends still love Vader, like it was their Slayer, haha. I was never big into them myself, but all my pals from that neck of the woods are still consistently supportive - they are still rocking the shirts and patches, and buying albums and going to shows; Vader is like their national pride, the band that made it, and Vader guys are supposedly very down to earth and not just to their compatriots.
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