Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff

Date:2017-08-10 15:41:53
In Reply To:PMX2 Soundoff for Thorsday by killed_by_the_tech
Deicide – Legion
Mythos – Pain Amplifier
Nocturnus – The Key (Enter the Droids! :) Cthulhu is space…
Morbid Angel – Abominations of Desolation
Buffalo – Only Want You for Your Body (74: ) their strongest to me
Nazareth – Rampant (74: )
James Brown – In the Jungle Groove
Devil Childe – s/t (Joe Hasselvander/Jack Starr metalexploitation; see Phantom Lord)
Candlemass – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (hands down their best to me, no contest)
Cirith Ungol – Paradise Lost
V/A – Dark Passages (Cathedral, Count Raven, Saint Vitus, Solitude Aeturnus, Penance, Stillborn, Revelation; Rise Above ’91 doom comp)
Solitude Aeturnus – Beyond the Crimson Horizon (probably their best to me)
Methadrone – Retrogression (Craig Pillard; unsettling funeral static; Xanax/Vicodin dirge :)
Blitzkrieg – Unholy Trinity (great comeback; NM002)
Pentagram (Chile) – The Malefice (one of a handful of good new releases of this decade for me)
Merciless – The Awakening (first release on Deathlike Silence)
The Black – The Priest of Satan (Jon Nodtveidt)
Solstice – New Dark Age (epic Celtic doom metal w/plain jane clean NWOBHM vox)
Tristitia - Crucidixion (Darth Vader and The Emperor meet in Klas Bergwall's crypt; somber candelabra doom; Chile/Sweden)
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