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Date:2017-08-09 04:05:47
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Mean Streak - Blind Faith
The archetype of boring trad. A good singer could help.
That's mean. He's ok enough. The songs have plenty of meat and catchiness in my book.
I just gave a few songs another listen based on the comments. I was excessively harsh (or mean) on the singer. The songwriting still does nothing for me, though.
Unleash The Archers - Apex
Decent album. But for some reason UtA still needs to live up to their potential. Good musicians with good riffs here and there, and she is one of the few female singers in metal I think sounds great, and they have the style down. The songwriting is just not very memorable, and the album loses me halfway. Maybe I should give it another chance?!
You should. I also didn't really like their previous album but I find this one to be great, full of memorable riffs and tunes. Easily their best.
So, I gave it another go, and I'm intrigued further. Will give it more spins.
Battle Beast - Bringer of Pain
Battle Beast is horrible to my ears. But I've never been a fan of the women in metal trying to sound "butch".
Mean. :-)
Majesty - Rebels
Haven't heard it, but is it any different than what they normally do?
No it's not but since Manowar is dead someone has to cover that angle for us warriors of steel!
Hahaha... if there ever was fantastic reason for the existence of Majesty, you just nailed it :-D
Lionville - A World of Fools
On my "check out further" list, after having listened to it earlier.
God I love this album. Not as much as Work of Art but I still love it. I'm just waiting for a Care of Night album.
So I had it running in the car the other day. Perhaps not the best driving music, but my wife could go along with it and it wasn't bad at all. Great voice, nice guitarist and just solid rock. Will listen further, but I'm not blown away as much as you are. Sometimes this style takes time with me.
DragonForce - Reaching into Infinity
Dragonforce has never been more than a fun curiosity for me. Will this win me over?
Some people say it's their best and most diverse album by Dragonforce standards that is. It still sounds like Dragonforce but there is a new found aggression that seems to suit them somehow.
Listened to 3 songs before stopping. It did nothing to convince me to go any further. They do Dragonforce things, and they do them well. Just not for me.
Harem Scarem - United
First Harem Scarem I ever listened to. I'm not impressed by their old-man-rocking-with-air-guitar-out-of-tune-rock. In all honesty, this just isn't my thing ;-)
That's Ageist! Leave us oldies alone! :-)
NO! I projecting my own insecurities on you "old" people! ;-)
Nickelback - Feed the Machine
Surprisingly not terrible. Still not worth any more of my time.
Yeah Nickelback won't be for every metalhead but this is a close to metal as they are ever gonna get. I just enjoy the songs. They are memorable.
Never understood the huge hate for Nickelback. Good singer, excellent hook (yes, singular) in their songs. It just doesn't do much for me. The new album is more aggressive than they've ever been, and that's good.
Need - Hegaiamas:A song for freedom
Will check out further after you and John talked about them! Sounds like it could be right up my alley. Thank you.
I never liked any Need before but this album is very captivating.
Yes, yes it is!
Mastodon - Emperor of Sand
The production was a turn off for me.
I just find the band has groove and riffs galore to enjoy.
I wasn't trying to bash Mastodon... at all. I just don't know when I will ever listen to the new album over some of their many classics. If this was the first and only Mastodon album, I'd probably be all over it.
Obituary - st
I like Obituary as any loyal death metal fan would, but I'm not impressed with the new album.
Wow. To me it's even almost the best Obituary album ever!
Well... you're old, and might've forgotten the classic death metal masterpiece Cause of Death and the odd groovefest that is Slowly we Rot! ;-)
But it's certainly better than their last few albums.
Distillator - Summoning The Malicious
Actually bought this after a quick listen. Yawn, but I like their homage to Kil 'em All Metallica. It's the boring songwriting that I don't like.
Again one of my fave modern rethrash bands. Absolutely chockablock full of riffage.
Yes, the riffs are the reason I bought it. No disagreement there :-D
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