Metal won't have a resurgence anytime soon...

Date:2017-08-07 14:07:03
In Reply To:Could the success of bands like Kaleo and Rag'n'Bone Man be a path for metal's resurgence? (nt) by Russ
... and there's a simple reason why; metal isn't fun.

When metal was actually big, it was the era of hair metal. Whether it was an actual hair band, or something more like Metallica, you could listen to metal and think of it as a communal good time. The bands were writing accessible songs, and the fans wanted to band together because of their shared tastes.

Today, metal is a drag. The 'big' bands are largely making music that you have to be dedicated to metal to enjoy. That wasn't true thirty years ago. The connective tissue between metal and more common rock and roll is gone, for the most part. So you have music the layperson can't identify with, that is also miserable to listen to (often), all put forward with an image that means you either have to be an outcast or a bro to fit in.

That narrows the playing field way too much for it to gain any wider exposure right now. It won't 'come back' until there's a band that can write songs to cross over that don't feel like suicide notes, played with an image that doesn't scare off people who think metal fans are (often justifiably so) pieces of trash.
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