Date:2017-08-05 19:04:04
Edited:2017-08-05 19:10:38
In Reply To:Re: by Alex
Alex proclaimed:
Actually, for the most part, I can tell 1974 isn't going to be a huge year for music. I'm finding some good stuff, but 70-73 seem to have a lot more to choose from.
Right off the bat, "Rocka Rolla", yo. And "Burn"! And -oh fuck - first Rush and King Crimson "Red"! That's all 74, innit?:) There was good 'uns:)

Bands that were heavy are now going soft.
I don't mind "black" music like boogie or funk (and therefore, never had a problem with something like "Stormbringer",) but I guess I hear what you're saying in essence - bands decided to "evolve" and "expand," and all that artistic shit:)
And what the heck is "Boogie"? I can't stand that, and it makes me wonder why any band would go in that direction... (sort like "Djent")...
I'd take ZZ Top, AC/DC, or Status Quo, or any of the "boogie" flavored bands over anything "Djent" any day of the week myself:)
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