Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2017-08-05 18:21:44
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by Chris F5
That Artch disk for me was a complete blind buy.....never hearing one note from them..
Noticed the Label (think it was metal blade)and the write up on the promo sticker seemed inviting...
Yeah, that album rules. The second one is not very good, though. You should check out that singer's first band, Drysill. They kinda had a Maiden meets Deep Purple thing going. It was reissued a couple years ago on CD. I think you'd dig it. He also guested on most of the second Gardenian album, which was pure In Flames worship, mixing in clean vocals before IF thought to do it, and of course unlike In Flames, these cleans are great. That singer is still working - he's in a prog rock band called Magic Pie. He's still got the pipes, but what I heard of that band wasn't too awesome, but then, it's also not really my style.

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