Date:2017-08-05 17:17:42
In Reply To:Anyone catch anything yet? by BenMech
BenMech proclaimed:

Began today . . through the weekend
The Emperor set of Anthems plus CYAM!, IAtBW, and IAS (with guest keyboardist Einer from Leprous) was pretty damn perfect ( although they weren't animated onstage)

Megadeth was shambolic.

Did not see Annihilator.

Just caught a few minutes of Heaven Shall Burn and Powerwolf. Eugh.
Status Quo - unhappy they would continue without Rick Parfitt, but they weren't terrible otherwise

Accept and Czech orchestra - lame. The words I would use is desperate and useless. Accept, who made some of my favorite records, is now indistinguishable from X-Wild, who themselves were copying Accept. Moreso, it doesn't even feel like a band. Wolf and Peter are slipping, esp. Wolf's leads and the backing vox. Uwe and whatever-the-drummer-is are just shapeless shadows. Mark is the only one who's kinda pulling the weight, but also shows lots of wear and tear, far from incredible. The orchestral part strated with Wolf's solo stuff, during which Accept people were repleaced on stage by other players. It was pretty gay:) The orchestra added nothing good, but actually made the arrangements very annoying. It wasn't good. I'm not going to see them in September again, I'll save my money for Udo in February instead.

Flotsam & Jetsam: wasn't impressed, Eric wasn't in the best shape, and the setlist wasn't amazing. I've seen them better.

Was curious to see Annihilator, but we were out,so - no.

Just got home, watching Avatasia - well, first of all, this "glorious/victorious" positive Kansas-flavored pseudo-operatic baroque Euro pomp rock is not my thing, and the abuse from the peanut gallery isn't helping to help set the mood, haha. Hey, it's Geoff Tate...well, I heard him sing even worse:) Poor good ol' Bob Catley...ah, it hurts my throat just listening. No,this is not not gonna make a convert out of me. I'll wait for Helloween's Pumpkins United for that kind of shit done right. I think I've had enough of that:)
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